Good at what you do but not the paperwork?

If you're being held back by all the things that haven't been done and all you want to do is what you do best, your business, we can help. We will show you how to attend to all the things you don't have time for, increase your productivity and communicate effectively to those you work with.

Services Include:

1.  QUICK START - Initial Needs Analysis & Report: Stand alone service for the 'self starter'

  • assess current work practices
  • discuss your goals and needs
  • review physical work space
  • detailed written report which includes
    • recommended physical set up
    • time line to implement improvements

2.  Implementation: Follows on from Initial Needs Analysis & Report if required

  • guidelines on creating your perfect filing system
  • physical set up of your work space
  • start to implement improvements
  • 1 month telephone/email support
  • schedule to implement improvements

3.  Perfect Paperwork: Stand alone service

  • paperwork only
  • no scrap left to it's own devices
  • gathered, sorted, filed, shredded
  • 3, 6 or 12 month package
  • detailed information here

4.  Total Office Organisation: Complete service

  • we take control, start to finish, we sort EVERYTHING, all you need to do is nod or shake your head!
  • oversee furniture installations, painting, plumbing etc
  • recommend trades
  • 3 month telephone/email support
  • follow up visit

We take problem solving to the next level to ensure that you can work in Heavenly Order. With a background in Small Business, shared offices are our speciality!

To find out more about the Initial Needs Analysis complete your details.

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