Helping you live in Heavenly Order: 

Our top tips on Paperwork!

  • If you don’t already have a space or zone for your paperwork, create one now!

  • Gather all the paperwork into the one spot. Piles have a habit of accumulating everywhere

  • Set aside a regular time to work on your paperwork backlog

  • If your backlog is HUGE, start by sorting the paperwork into financial years

  • Have a paper recycling box next to you as you are sorting

  • Keep your relevant receipts together in marked paper envelopes to organise them

  • Do not store receipts in plastic as this makes them fade or darken

  • Scan receipts or documents into the computer to save them from fading

  • Make a filing system that works for you and update regularly throughout the year

  • Organise the files and folders in your computer

  • Open your mail at the same time each day

  • Always open mail next to the recycling bin, this way you can deal with the envelopes immediately

  • Avoid buying any storage products until the whole sort is done