September 2014

This month, helping you live in Heavenly Order: 

We focus on the Big Spring Clean!

  •  Write a checklist of all the jobs and rooms that need to get done.
  •  Enlist family help to tackle the big spring clean
  • Break the spring cleaning up over a few weekends so you don’t burn out. Make September the Big Spring Clean, not just the first couple of days.
  • Put all your cleaning supplies into a bucket to make it easy to lug from room to room
  • Try to make cleaning fun – put on some music or make it into a game by ‘racing’ the clock (or your kids)
  • Using natural cleaning products rather than harsh chemicals is better for you and environment!
  • If you have to use chemicals, don’t forget to keep the area well ventilated.
  • Wear protective gear when necessary – health and safety are important!
  • If you’re getting rid of old items that are still in good shape, ask friends or family if they know any first-time-home-leavers who might need things to add to their ‘glory box’. 
  • We choose to support Havannah House Ministries, find out more here
  • Reward yourself after the big clean up – you (and whoever helped) have earned it!
  • Call the pest man so you don’t get overrun by nasties coming into summer!
  • Consider holding a garage sale to get rid of your unwanted things and make a little money for your efforts. 
  • Consider becoming part of the Garage Sale Trail
  • If you're in Perth and need some expert tips on getting organised, come to 'Organise with Sarah' tickets on sale now!
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Next Month

Organising your Spare Room! Don't forget the Declutter Dance Party on Saturday October 4th, 9am-3pm! See your invitation here