NOVember 2014

Get ready for the holidays!

Blah blah ------- everything is under control!

  • Start early and whatever you do, don’t leave things until the last minute!
  • School holidays start as early December 11th in some states in Australia.
  • Consider making gifts for people instead of buying things – it’s personal and cheap!
  • In fact, consider giving gifts of service instead of stuff this year.
  • Get numbers on how many people are coming to your Christmas feasts well in advance so you can budget accordingly
  • Think about giving old toys, in good condition, gift wrapped to the Salvos with a gift tag explaining the gender & age appropriate. 
  • Don't forget that supermarkets often have a ‘wishing tree’ as well.
  • Create a system for packing away your decorations, especially lights – wrap them carefully and use a bread tie or piece of string to hold them together.
  • Turn your kids artwork into Christmas cards for family and friends. You can even scan them and print if you want to keep the original work.
  •  Investigate the best light-seeing spots before you drive out. Most local newspapers have Christmas light guides closer to the big day, so you can get the most out of your night.
  • Clean any old food out of your fridge early to make room for Christmas goodies and leftover.
  • If you end up with too much leftover food, wrap some up to send home with your guests, that way you won’t waste any
  • Take some time out from the holiday spirit. Turn off the carols and the lights and have some normality when it gets too much (there’s nothing wrong with that!

Next Month

Tis the season - Christmas!