Sarah loves to speak! It probably comes from years of being told to be quiet and not to be disruptive! A hangover from a childhood with undiagnosed A.D.H.D? Yes, probably!

The result is an informative, practical and often funny experience. If there is just one thing that Sarah wants for the audience, it is for them to leave feeling encouraged, empowered & equipped by hearing what she has to say!

Drawing on years of prior experience running a business with her husband, raising 3 kids with A.D.H.D, and of course helping clients get on top of their organising issues. You will come away motivated, excited and ready to take on the biggest of piles.

If you have a social group, business network or organisation that could do with a bit of order. You can choose from any of the listed presentations, or if you have something in mind, we will gladly discuss your needs.

for the workplace:

  • How to work with your spouse without getting divorced
  • This is YOUR life, reclaim your time
  • Work in an office you LOVE

for the home:

  • Where to start (when you can't see the floor?)
  • The secret to meal planning
  • Wonderful Wardrobes

lunch box lessons:

  • Help, I think I'm in charge of everything
  • But I don't wanna cook dinner
  • Where are the kids?
  • Knee deep in paper
  • Blast the Organiser
Sarah Cottman

Sarah Cottman

Sarah's Organising expertise, compassion and enthusiasm ensures the audience not only learns the skills to get and stay organised, they have an entertaining time doing it! Using humour and drawing on her life's experiences, Sarah involves everyone in being part of their own solutions to remove clutter and welcome Heavenly Order.


what audience members have said:

Sarah found witty, interesting & novel ways to get across info that could so easily have been dry & tedious
— SheBIZ North Sydney, 'This is YOUR life'
Sarah had her presentation tailored to our members based on a few words. We definitely recommend Sarah as a guest speaker for any network that want to improve their members organisational skills
— Mumpreneurs Norther Beaches 'Organise Your Office'
Thank you for you inspirational talk at Howard’s Storage World. I have a home-based business, a preschooler and a spouse with expansive hobbies and I was losing the battle against our clutter and disorder. It was a delight to leave your talk and feel invigorated with purpose and armed with strategies rather than overwhelmed by my mammoth task. I am now a woman on a mission and my goal is a home that follows the 10 second rule with absolutely every thing in every room.” (The 10 second rule is explained during talks, workshops and the Initial Consultation)
— Howards Storage Workshops
Thank you for a wonderful session, God Bless, you’re an inspiration
— Kiah Ridge, Women to Women Conference
I have known Sarah since she was living in chaos. A born teacher who can talk underwater, I hired her to present at our In-House Training Day at Divine Designs. She had been telling me that her Public Speaking was as good if not better than her skiing. I have to say, I have been a witness to both and yes, she is a great presenter. Her skiing on the other hand....
— Kathy McVey, KSMstyle
I just wanted to call and tell you that I when I was talking about hiring you to talk at our next meeting I was asked why. I realised that the reason I wanted to get you was because after going to your wonderful wardrobes workshop last year I have taken on so many things that you taught us. So many little tips that make life so much easier. Thanks!
— Wonderful Wardrobes Workshop
I wanted to thank you personally for the great effort you have gone to, to make tonight such a success. You are such a warm & caring person, & and I feel privileged to have been able to get to know you better
— De-Clutter Your Life Workshop


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