October 2014

This month, helping you live in Heavenly Order; we focus on the the Spare Room! 

The spare room is often multi purpose. Most commonly it's a shared office space together with a guest room. Here are our tips to be prepared for all events!

  • Now is the time to de-clutter (you know who to call if it's all too much!) ready for the festive season visitors.
  • Work out the purpose of the space. It makes it easier to know what to keep and what can go.
  • If it is to be a dual or multi purpose room, section it into 'zones'.
  • Start with the floor (yes, you do have one!)
  • Don't keep anything & everything in there just because there is nowhere else to keep it.
  • Once it's de-cluttered, give it all a good scrub. This room doesn't get cleaned as often as the rest of the house, so get into it while you have the chance!
  • Consider fold up beds that store away easily. 
  • Clear your desk space to keep it open to a wider range of activities – don’t limit the space to one thing!
  • Keep an eye out for dual purpose furniture. Simple drawers and cupboards can be used to store all sorts of things (providing it's for the right purpose of the space, otherwise, OUT IT GOES!)
  • If you’re expecting company, ask plenty of questions and start planning early.
  • Make a checklist of jobs to do before your guests arrive. Include things like ‘make beds’, ‘fresh towels’ and ‘clean the bathroom’.
  • If you have kids staying with you, write up a set of basic house rules that they can easily see, and lead by example.
  • Maximise your storage space by keeping things under furniture or on top of cupboards, rather than in the middle of the room
  • Stop calling it the junk room!

Next Month

Organised Travel!

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